Caras Del Mar, Puerto Rico


With two game gymnastics, and both of them offer an interesting idea on the Caribbean Sea, the goldsmiths in Palmas del Mar Resort are the lovers of every love glass. Established by Reese Jones – the well-known golf player Flamboyan Course was launched in 1998, and was the largest of 7117 and was considered the best and most advanced of the Puerto Rico and Caribbean.

This course is selected by a plethora of memorable, wonderful drawing complex holes that should be quite explored. The course of course travels off the shoreline of 20 ocean, m & # 39; the Caribbean Coast while others are connected to the Candelero River. The 12th Flamboyan golf course is a three-sided hard drive which encourages you to reach the green terrain that originates from a river with an impressive view of the Island of Vieques.

According to the longest and most difficult Caribbean in the Caribbean, Flamboyan's golf course received several times since its inception, especially the Best Course of Barron & # 39;

Opened in 1974 and initially organized by the famous golfer Gary Player, Palm is a short on two lessons at Palmas del Mar Beach resort, but it is really harder than his teacher Flamboyan. The course makes the trees more suitable and unstable leaves, and becomes more complicated and more enjoyable with sandy sand, pimples and # 39; The success of the Palm golf course requires that it be more accurate at the price, which is often difficult for even golfers to prepare.

The 14 seats and 16 golf courses of Palm offer an unknown view of the Caribbean Sea, giving them a unique opportunity to meet natural wonders. In addition to two glasses, gold bars in Palmas del Mar and two car dealers, two can eat, a very enjoyable program, operating systems in & # 39; all glass groups, which ignore both glasses.

Spreading over 40,000 centimeters, the clubhouse at golf clubs offers fun entertainment facilities and golf courses, sleeping rooms, supermarkets and lunch and patio. In addition, the mechanism also provides interior rooms for women and men, as well as for visitors and visitors.

If you are looking for the best and most memorable and easy to remember, or a comfortable day in a beautiful place, Palmas del Mar's place should not miss.