Top Ten Winter Golf Area Where You Should Add to Your List of Skin


Larger control areas are required to meet certain requirements, to make cabbage Top Ten on the fifth list. They must be hot, they must have a glass of education to go to golf and they need to have a place where you can be happy and happy; give you an opportunity to survive the winter and recycle yourself physically and physically. That is why the following are selected to achieve the Top Ten Winter Golf Destination Bucket:

Maui, Hawaii, USA- Maui have been visiting a car, because of the weather, golf courses, sports games and five places with a star store. Seeing stars in & # 39; winter is one of the most valuable things you can find on the Pacific Island. Wailea Golf resort is a golf club named 54 hole with PGA stabilized. This place is wonderful.

St. Thomas, US. Virgin Islands – The home of five starred stars as Ritz-Carlton Resort, Wyndham Resorts in Sugar Bay, Beach. Mahogany Running is a legitimate golf course for the Caribbean Winter Golf.

Costa Rica- Located in the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica; Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort is included in a beautiful scenery made up of forest and sea. Write 18 game games, games, tennis games, tennis squares and 250 marches. The combination of a global golf course and deep sea fish connects to making one of the most difficult places you have in winter.

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic- Cap Cana on the coast of me & # 39; tomorrow the Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola; which is between Cuba and Puerto Rico. The temperature of Cap Cana consists of beaches, blue water and beautiful mines. To take one of the most successful marinas in the Caribbean is Jack Nicklaus, a specialist for golf, leading to the Champions Tour, Cap Cana Championship, in April 2008.

Cabo San Lucas, Mex. – Once a bedroom & # 39; a small fish house is often found with a list of Cabo San Lucas, a very rich and famous man. Produced by Nicklaus, Norman, Trent Jones, Dye and Fazio. It is the ocean of Cortez's blue-shaped blue from where you travel and the best temperature for Baja sun m & # 39; every morning, it is not possible to leave these from any list to the dog, not the ten

Miami Beach, Florida, USA- The first place in the United States of America to register these lists, Miami offers a few other places on the planet; destruction of nations. Cuban power in music, food and culture is warm and floral like the sun of South Florida. From the South Beach to the Doral Resort & Spa, Miami offers everything that needs to be considered to put on the list.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA- Welcome to other places over 10 winter cooling glass again again Hawaii, especially Honolulu; maybe one of the most hot hot places for the season. Honolulu means "protected area" or "hiding place". The beauty of Honolulu, which is the Diamond Head away from the Pacific Ocean to jump in & # 39; the coastline, makes it one of the same types after the storm. Going to the Pearl Harbor sanctuary is right, one of the most difficult things you can see. The play of the Turtle Bay Palmer Golf Course can be a good way here.

San Juan, Puerto Rico- Located in the north of the Caribbean Sea, in the west of the US Virgin Islands and about 1 km to # # 39; Puerto Rico enjoys the sun's best time of year. Daytime can expect from 6:30 AM to 6 PM allowing additional time, especially if you have holes 36 m & # 39; With an automotive game to choose from, the Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa Wyndham Grand Resort is one of the most convenient places to visit San Juan.

Palm Springs, California, USA – With its flavor, fragrance and beauty it is easy to understand what they like Sinatra, Hope and Crosby in the California desert all these years. Simply put, Palm Springs is one of the hottest drivers in the world. PGA West is located at La Quinta, near Palm Springs, if you like glass more than you have to go here once in & nbsp; your life. There is not enough ten-fold list of no salvation in the wilderness of California.

Orlando, Florida, USA- Orlando shows you the winter season, a simple connection with the end of the car. Some of the options on this list may have some simple and easy options for them, but Orlando assures you of a super glass. Among the many things you can say, Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge are elected to represent Orlando. The reason is, it is known as one of the world's most spectacular displays. Like the owner, Bay Hill is beautiful, inviting and getting the best.

And so you got it; 10 hot fires hot hot rain & # 39; What are the ten parts of the Gulf Golf that make up your bucket?

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