Golf Courses – Mille Lacs Golf Resort and Marina


If you take the true Minnesotans decision and ask them to know the state countries to go on vacation, the Mille Lacs Lake area will certainly be in the # 5 # five areas which most of them have been selected. Going to Mille Lacs is one that almost every Minnesotan has done. A trip to Mille Lacs is the same as going to the State Fair or going to the State Capitol home on a field trip as a fifth student, everyone does.

From the US Highway 169 and 90 minutes to the north from Twin Cities, located about 5 kilometers south of Garrison, there has been an open car since 1964. There has been a change in the past two years with significant changes that will take place over the past two years. . Welcome to Mille Lacs Golf Resort and Marina with Hardwoods Golf Club. My goals & # 39; future include new use of software and restaurants, a 35,000 reservoir, a reserve, a 120-star hotel and many other destinations in the future. There is also the possibility of buying or renting homes and houses that use the author.

There are changes in the & # 39; future in the Golf Club of Hardwoods. There are other plans on the chart to extend the # 4309 mansion, plus the length of one set of tea boxes and change one of the 4 to 5 holes and make a 72. The extra points are added. The modern hardwoods Golf Club runs on 71 percent of 69.7 and the 119th slopes. Do not be confused by clicking the # 39; children on yardage on scorecard thinking you can win this car. If you are a trustworthy and punctual writer of the above, you can do the right thing, but if you allow it to protect the glass you have dinner. All prices are yaing & # 39; ono, high and low enough for me to recommend above your game. The pages of Hardwoods Golf Club were called Pinehurst-like, and I agree with these words.

Chief Trent Christenson together with his staff at Jim Resch- Head Golf Professional, Justin Heitkamp- Pro Shop Manager and Bob Weston-Golf Course Superintendent, performs a good job of making workers more comfortable and safer.

The end of the week is $ 45.00 per person with the cart right to the destination. Older can be glass on Monday or Wednesday for every $ 25.00 per person and cart making this a very good. Usually call 1-800-435-8720 or visit their website at

Using additional techniques for the Hardwoods Golf Club and the preparations for the reserve, Mille Lacs Golf Resort and Marina Hardwoods Golf Club are the places you want to bring your family over and over again.