The Journey of the Vision – Famed Royal Donoch Golf Club of Scotland


Royal Dornoch Golf Club of Sutherland Scotland is a good and dignified. The story goes back as much as "Dornoch Links" as it is in the 1616 "glass". What saved the golf shot with its history was a contest which took place in 1894 where the critics were not only lost but they returned to their own car and "Dornoch whatever we thought.

To this day, the history of Royal Dornoch can be said to have always been among the most prestigious world-class scripts.

Dernoch Links do not have a history of history when it comes to a glass game and the game has won its sacred place. In fact, the most ancient golf medal, the oldest known, was the Silver Stick, first conquered in 1878 by Alexander McHardy. It is well-known that the great golfer John Sutherland won a miraculous victory for 11 times.

But for the most important campus competition at Royal Dornoch is the "Carnegie Shield" that was presented to the crowd by Andrew Carnegie – not the American history of history, but by Andrew Carnegie of Skibo, Scotland m & # 39; 1901.

He is on the way, or on a golf course, a great run for the years of the 1900's, 19th century JH Taylor, James Braid, Harold Hilton, John Low and the rest of the golf course with many visitors in Dornoch Links. In the early 1901, promoting glass ball was a glass-based golfing raber, which went ahead and had to be reinstated. Dornoch's business was extended to 5096 acres, and was the longest in Britain at the time.

John Sutherland, a 19-year-old member of the Royal Dornoch Club, was said to be the chief in Dornoch until his death in 1941. It is a great honor – afterwards, a right bunker to the right of eighteen right and to start " John Sutherland & # 39; s "

In 1904, under Sutherland & # 39; This process was discussed in Embo Links nearby. In 1906, King Edward VII handed over the Royal Charter of Dernoch. The humble Dernoch Golf Club became the Royal Dernoch Golf Club. In 1909 Andrew Carnegie of Skibo (secretary of "Carnegie Shield") received new funds for the "Royal" Dernoch Country Club now.

In conjunction with the well-being of a progressive movement organization has been said to be done. Sutherland and Donald Ross in 1922. World War II was erected by plane aircraft in Dornoch Ladies Course, and four 18 holes were destroyed.

However, rehabilitation was planned in 1946, and nine women with the All-Laws & # 39; Yes, called "Struie" was built. Dornoch Links, the main way, was replaced by the length of 6505 squares in the form of eight holes with 10 holes behind.

However, the real part of geography and reality is that far away in Scotland is # 39; The biggest of the people is that the big and popular games of some games sometimes were shocked by Dornoch.

No matter this, it is not safe for the Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Sutherland in Scotland to be popular all over the world with a good reputation as a result of gold. Whether it is a mirror or a mirror and a tourist and a tourist around the world – Royal Dornoch Golf Club has had a good reputation. He has always thought it is one of the world's top 100 games. To be honest.