First Step to the End of the Best Golf


It's like a commercial hamburger; Have your own way! Your annual migration should be the best holiday. Make it in its own way. Leave a "package" and prepare your special, customized group to leave.

M & # 39; my last talk, I gave a brief summary of how to use a dangerous vacation. M & # 39; this article, I support a lot about the organization and preparation. I have been organizing a good meeting for our team for 18 years. There is an annual turnaround and we think we have achieved a lot of success.

You'll be driving the bus, so you get the ball. Do a preliminary survey & # 39; one and choose a place. The facility should have plenty of facilities for visitors and a good workplace. You don't want to play the same amount every day. You will need to do more research on the Internet to find out about the hotel and the shops, including the money.

Find words from the soldiers. I like to send an interesting e-mail to show you the program and follow many emails and phone calls. I invite you to send an email to anyone you think may be away from five months. Some may not do so because of family, work, interest, etc.. Everywhere from 6 to 12 it is good. Five people are the largest group of times. More than twelve are very difficult to arrange or find a place to sleep.

Choose time windows. We often last week in February to get north to the north and we will stay in a short course of golf course. As an example of an email first, you can send something like this:

"I know through men who are walking around me doing all my desires that can be among you desires to drive, mysterious winds, uncontrollable, unapproachable 3, incomprehensible, contradictory, staggering USGA rules, tears, cold eggs , low, mountainous, sand and water than water supplies, remove Velcro at a later stage, chest running at high speed, coughing at the right time, pain in pain passes with antibiotics, feet 179 dog legs, and brutal abuse in the skins and the list.

If this is the type of exit you dream, continue to dream. I can't do that. But this image:

– A beautiful house with a different bed for everyone.

18 to 36 centimeters of gold per day on higher education.

-What dinner night each night?

-All delight, food and drink.

-Happy fun.

-Sensational camaraderie.

I & # 39; ll have the day (date) and date (date). We will meet (city, state). For a group of eight people, I think we have 27 holes every day, your price should be $ XXX for home, food, drinks, dog and subsequent vehicles. (Note: Our medicine for food and drink for seven days was $ 160 in 2005.) Please reply before (date) in reply:

What is the number for you to arrive in these days? What are the total number of days you can make? What days would you like? Other results: "

Now set the stage. For those you are not listening from, go to the phone and forget it. Through all your answers, you will come with the length of vacation and the days you have given and take.

Over the next four months you will be:

– Setting solid goals from your members

-They come to the union on the golf course

– Receiving food and drinking rules to allow a list of purchases

-Saving vacation homes and cars & # 39; anira

-Time times

I always enjoy eating all the food and enjoying it. Setting up this website especially for your group is the best way to do this. It's the only thing I have forced to use MS Publisher. The easiest way to do this is to take a blog free of interest on these things. It is an extravagance of blood.

Over the years, we have identified two basic conditions of living. The first is that it makes a big difference between the relationship when the whole group is under the same roof. The second is important for everyone with a different bed (know how they do). The only way you can achieve this is to choose a place where you & # 39; re a rental house to take one that allows this. (Plug for Isle of Palms, SC: you can find what you're looking for.)

It seems that you don't like the exact time, but work schedules, travel stations, wedding trips, ticket money, and your prepared needs require that you get the ball. Once you first send your e-mail and call your phone, a few visitors who are preparing will have a problem attracting. Use them as best you can, but I find that you need your permanent team that was set up two months earlier (give or take one or not one boy).

After a while, I know that the holiday tree, outside the airline, will be about $ 900. M & # 39; one of my next emails, just ask players to send about half of it. It emphasizes commitment.

When choosing your destination, consider the time of driving. We have found that twenty minutes a minute is better, thirty minutes is fine, but forty minutes is too long. The long run is possible, but if you are planning for vacation, you will have more time in & # 39; tomorrow for lunch and 18 hours a day. After telling the story until late in the evening, the sun sets in the lessons, going home and getting ready for a party, staying long.

This takes us more than two months.

In the Third Stage of this list, we will have the opportunity to win a glass, a series of purchases, and a difficult regime.