Where to find the best accommodation online

Are you going on a trip? There are so many things to consider when booking a hotel stay. There is the actual location of the hotel, the availability of public transport, the proximity to the sites you want to visit, the hotel reviews also play an important factor, and of course there is the price.

Fortunately, everything today is available online. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies that offer accommodation at different price points. So whether you are a tourist or a traveler, we will cover you!

1. since 2014 is ranked 1st among the leading travel agencies in the world (according to Skift). They offer different types of accommodation from high hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Customer ratings are displayed on the site and you can search for hotel accommodation depending on your budget, most offers offer free cancellation.


Launched in 1996, Expedia recently acquired Orbitz, another online travel agency. Hotel reservations are only part of Expedia’s business, as they also book tickets, cruises and even car rentals. You can earn “points” by getting an Expedia + card. They also regularly enter into secret deals and discount coupons for those looking for a deal.


The only travel agency based in Asia (Singapore), is among the leading Internet agencies in the world. is constantly increasing its clientele by offering “Best Price Guarantee” in its rooms as well as specialized “flash sales”. Accommodation in Agoda hotels ranges from luxury hotels, inns, beds and breakfasts to resorts.


Although is primarily a review site, it also offers the ability to book hotels. Currently, the site is in the top 2 in the list of the best online travel agencies in the world, also according to Skift. The nice thing is that while viewing the different accommodation offers you can see a price comparison with another site that offers the same hotel. Usually prices on are discounted, so it’s cheaper. Also, custom reviews are very helpful.


On you can book more than 325,000 hotels worldwide. Bed and breakfast, taverns and even some apartments are also included in its inventory. They have a lot for regular guests called “ Rewards”. Guests staying at least 10 nights receive a discount on the next booking.


For those looking for the quaint charm of bed and breakfast, is a specialized site that has been around for over 20 years. The site has hot deals and there is a special area for Diamond Collection hotels, which feature chic rooms with breakfast.


Advertising “great deals in hostels everywhere,” the site has 33,000 hostels. And if you sign up for their SmartSavers subscription, you get virtually no booking fees. Ideal for those on a budget, this site has many options.


How important are social networks in the hospitality industry?

Social networking is one of the most powerful forces driving the hospitality industry today, playing a key role in the consumer travel experience – from trip planning to posting photos, updates and leisure reviews. The hospitality industry is heavily dependent on word of mouth and dissemination, and the ideal platform for this is social media.

81% of travelers said that reviews are important when choosing a hotel.

70% of consumers report that travel reviews have the greatest impact on their shopping behavior.

43% of hotels believe that social networks bring one of the highest profitability.

40% of travelers post reviews.

38% of American travelers use social media to share their experiences while traveling.

Social sharing has a huge impact on travel bookings. Of those who have used sites such as Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Google+ and LinkedIn to research travel plans:

52% changed their original plans.

33% changed the hotel.

10% changed their resort.

7% changed destination.

TripAdvisor for business

83% of respondents usually turn to TripAdvisor reviews before booking a hotel.

70% of senior hospitality professionals say TripAdvisor is a site № 1 that influences customers.


51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy the brands they follow or follow.

52% of Facebook users said photos of their friends inspired them to vacation and travel plans.


79% of Twitter subscribers are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming followers.

67% of Twitter subscribers are more likely to buy brands they follow or follow.


81% of American Internet consumers say they trust the information and advice on Pinterest.

20% of the total number of social links to commercial sites comes from Pinterest.

With all the information available the real question is, “can your hotel afford not to increase its presence on social media?”

Here are 7 tips on how to start a social campaign in hotels:

1. Create social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Keep in mind that Google+ likes are a way to increase search engine optimization №1.

2. Use the property logo to display the profile.

3. Make sure you have an attractive, visually appealing headline image that shows your property.

4. Make sure this page lists your contact information and website address.

5. On Facebook, be sure to use the “book” button function.

6. Post messages daily on all social networking platforms.

7. Only 1 in 5 posts should engage in self-promotion.


How violence in Mexico affects tourism statistics worldwide: Tripadvisor Awards 2014 Travelers’ Choice

Vacationers are still afraid of the Mexican drug wars, cartels and violence, despite the fact that nowadays we don’t read as much in the media about deaths related to drug violence as they said three years ago (except except recently. ” Guerrero “mass murder).

Each year, Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel and tourism website, publishes a ranking of Travelers ’Choice Awards for global, national and regional tourism benefits in a number of categories. The 2014 award figures clearly show that vacationers still enjoy visiting Mexico, but they are really comforted by the comfort, safety and security of Mexican all-inclusive resorts and prefer them to others around the world.

Mexico is not at all included in the world categories “Best Small Hotels”, “Best Hotels”, “Best Ascents”, “Favorite Restaurants” or in the more general category “Best Destinations”. It really got one rating in the “Best Beaches in the World” category as ten out of 25 places for “Playa Norte” on Isla Mujeres. Similarly, he ranked for the best hotels in the world, but only for the resort of Saint Regis Punta Mita in Punta de Mita. And presumably because of the dollar / peso rate, it has placed rooms 21 and 25 for commercial hotels in the world, respectively the Bungalow (Cape San Lucas) and Luz en Yucatan (Merida) hotels.

However, it is in the “Best Resorts in the World” category that Mexico really shines, assuming when viewed in short supply in other categories, so that the public still fears for its safety due to Mexican drug violence, cartels and war. but to make vacationers feel safe and secure while at an all-inclusive resort, isolated from everyday Mexican life.

In the category of the 25 most popular resorts in the world, “Mechanism” Mexico ranked 11, including the top five of the eight places. Here are the impressive results:

1) Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso (Playa Paraiso)

3) Favorite hotel (Playa Mujeres)

5) Excellence Playa Mujeres

6) Spa Resort Le Blanc (Cancun)

8) Secrets of Maram Beach Cancun Riviera (Playa Maroma)

16) Sightseeing of the Cancun Riviera (Puerto Morelos)

17) Live Aqua Cancún All Inclusive (Cancun)

19) Club Med Ixtapa Pacific (Ixtapa)

21) Secrets of the Silversands Riviera Cancun (Puerto Morelos)

22) Palace of Cazumel (Cazumel)

25) Sunny Palace (Cancun)

Mexico is usually a safe country for vacation. Just stick to any place other than places where there is rampant drug-related violence and drug wars. Of course, enemies who have never even been here will disagree. Consider, for example, safe havens such as Chiapas, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and similar encapates, the Yucatan, Pacific resorts … and yes, all inclusive. Be no more and no less prudent than on holiday in any other developing country, and, on balance, you should be fine; and even better enjoy a trip to Mexico, not even more than other vacation spots.