History of tourism in Barcelona

And because its inhabitants attract tourists, this is often written about in books, and the area is often described and romanticized.

The founding of the city began with the Roman occupation in the I century BC, which imposed walls and eventually for a long time separated the villages from the walled area, which is actually part of the city. Recently, various Catalan countries have united and pushed the rise of Barcelona as a tourist capital.

The Olympics have a tremendous impact on the city, and it is thanks to this extravaganza of sporting events that the city has built its heritage around sports. Due to the successful holding of the Olympic Games as both a destination city and a host, the government has been able to promote Barcelona and made it one of the main destinations for both business and personal travel. Along with the increase in tourist visits to Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthere was a hotel plan, where many hotels were built to accommodate tourists from around the world.

Today in Barcelona there are 534 hotels with different star ratings. Hotels are classified into bread and breakfast, rental accommodation, family, luxury, fashion and leisure ( This outstanding increase in hotel availability and performance is a direct indication that housing requirements have been steadily increasing over the years.

As booking and travel have become easier thanks to Internet marketing, more and more tourists believe that booking online can be confirmed without any problems. This played a big role in reaching a record year in 2011. Since 2005, the number of visitors to Barcelona has continued to grow (, and in 2010 the double-digit number increased, leading to excellent results in 2011.

Together with the modern architecture and the unique exciting experience that the city itself offers, these factors create a common package for tourists to remember Barcelona. And since the result of the profit depends on the good experience of the tourist, the marketing also spreads through the general experience and word of mouth. The joint efforts of the tourism authorities, a smart campaign and the local population and their hospitality in attracting more tourists to Barcelona have greatly strengthened the industry long ago, when the biggest sporting event took place.

Since there are many numbers, the memory of the city and its activities arises when it comes to joint efforts to accommodate tourists. Barcelona has proven its abilities as a City of Wonders. And it may just attract more curious visitors for years to come.