Tours and travel to Borneo Sabah

Sabah, Malaysia, consistently ranks high among places to visit, as did the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards in 2018, published in The Daily Express (April 12, 2018).

Many of the first visitors to Sabah are likely to be aware of the many cultural and natural attractions. Much of Sabah is still a natural untouched forest that is difficult to reach, and if you really want to see the amazing sights, you will have to get off the beaten path.

Many natural attractions of Sabah are well known – Mount Kinabalu – the highest mountain in Malaysia, Rafflesia – one of the rarest and largest flowers in the world, and for scuba divers there is no place to be the best.

The tourism industry in Sabah

The tourism industry in Sabah and Malaysia is well regulated. They understand the importance of the economic benefits it brings to the local community and how it helps in conservation.

One of the attractions of tourism in Sabah is that it is filled with rich history and cultural significance. It is not overdeveloped and it adds adventure and their rustic charm. Sometimes getting to your destination is an adventure in itself – traveling on a mountain road in the relative comfort of an air-conditioned bus.

One of the Sabah travel agencies I have met understands what role they play in caring for tourists arriving in Sabah. Partly because of an ingrained sense of hospitality and friendliness, as well as pride in the fact that they come from Sabah.

Sabah or North Borneo in historical context is known for its nature and natural beauty. The undeveloped islands retain their charm, the National Park, which is home to Mount Kinabalu, is still surrounded by untouched nature on all sides.

Need to go further into the wild? The Malia Basin is a nature reserve that tourists can visit and see wildlife in its natural habitat. Or the Kinabatangan River, the second longest river in Malaysia, which flows in huge footsteps of the maiden jungle.

To witness the true beauty of Sabah, you need to get out of the city and into the countryside. This includes travel agencies. Much of Sabah is still being developed, and transportation may not be as easy as more developed tourist destinations.

Detour to Sabah

The best way to get around Sabah and experience Borneo to the fullest is to travel with a licensed travel agent. They have the support and amenities that allow you to enjoy a stress-free visit. Many of the best locations are outside the city, the travel time is three hours or more on closed and unclosed roads.

Depending on the tour package and destination, meals and accommodation may be included. One only needs to enjoy and immerse oneself in the local culture.

The most famous place for scuba diving is in Sipidan, and the only way to get there is by plane to Tawau, then by bus to the small town of Semporno. To make sure that you have properly set up all travel communication, and with enough scuba diving time, the best way is to talk to a travel agent.

You can do it yourself, but you will spend a lot of time organizing trips and accommodation. If you have a specific destination in Sabah where you want to go but find it difficult to arrange on your own, talk to a travel agent. It can change everything and relieve stress from vacation.